A. S. D. Leather Co LTD., established in 1966, is a family-own business located in Istanbul/Turkey and is specialised in manufacturing and whole-saling high quality genuine leather handbags for ladies with a 50 years of experience.

We can afford to be very confident in the quality of our products as we have a sincere commitment to what we do and produce. We have a sterling reputation in our market that has been earned through years of hard work and undivided focus on satisfying customers. Most importantly, we have a passion for our work that is evident from the models/bags we make with such care. We invite you to explore them and try our models with a view to build a mutually rewarding additional business opportunities between our companies.

We believe the key to success is to ensure that your products/models continue to evolve so as to remain relevant to the customer's changing lifestyle and needs - and this, one can easily well see from our products. They are all latest trendy styles of fashion handbags for ladies. All have excellent finishings and very clean craftsmanship.

A.S.D. is also actively manufacturing genuine leather handbags for the esteemed outbound Companies based in United States of America, Europe and Russia; simply put A.S.D. is reflecting those Companies' professionalisms by perfectly producing their designs under their own brands.

A.S.D. is functioning at its 1500 square-meters factory located in Merter/Güngören and is continuing to adorn the shoulders of the ladies with its fashion handbags.

A.S.D. is continuing to give a new breath and soul to genuine leather.